ViennaRNA Web Services

Institute for Theoretical Chemistry

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  • The forna visualization core is now a pure clientside (javascript based) applet called fornac.
  • It is now possible to share your current view via a unique link using the share button.
  • When loading a PDB file you can now specify which componds to display.
  • Forna now offers a URL encoded API for preloading of certain molecules. This includes RNAcentral, ViennaRNA Webservices and direct URL encoding.
  • This version uses ViennaRNA 2.1.9, MC-Annotate 1.6.2 and foranc 1.0
  • You can now specify a custom numbering for the first/last nucleotide in the fasta header, e.g. >name|start=45
  • Better algorithm for the positioning of the numbering labels
  • Plenty of backend changes for a more reliable experience.


  • Added ability to select nodes and drag them collectively. Use the Ctrl Key therefore!
  • forna can now also design RNA molecules. If you just enter a structure, we will call RNAinverse to design a sequence.
  • New clear text button in input areas.
  • It is now possible to upload fasta and json files.
  • Fixed several issues related to pseudoknot links, numbering labels, error handling and much more.